Recent Events


Pilates - February 15

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, Elizabeth residents attended the new Pilates session at Miller Evans Logan Recreation Center. Sessions will be every Tuesday from 11AM to 12PM and every Thursday from 6 to 7PM, and people of all ages are invited to attend. 

For more information about the Pilates program, contact Miller Evans Logan Recreation Center at (908) 820 - 2858.

Mommy & Me: Arts & Crafts - February 15

On Thursday February 15, 2024, mothers and young children attend an arts and crafts workshop at the Elmora Racquet Club. The workshop will continue every Tuesday & Thursday from 11AM to 12pm, and families can come at any time. See how the first workshop went here!

To find out more information about the workshops, contact the Elmora Racquet Club at (908) 820 - 2860