Community Service Unit

The Community Service unit serves as a bridge between the public and the police department. In addition to improving trust and cooperation with the public, the unit attempts to reduce crime and violence by building relationships among the community and the police through positive interactions. Officers assigned to the unit participate in a myriad of activities.  

  Safe Interaction Program: The Safe Interaction Program was created to give peace of mind to our city’s residents who are or have family members with special needs. Residents register their loved ones and receive an ID card. The ID card displays the individual’s photo, diagnosis and behavioral tendencies. The ID cards assists officers by giving proper information to make police/citizen interactions a positive and safe one. During the registration process at police headquarters, attendants are introduced to members of the department and given a tour of the building. Afterwards, the attendants are given the option to participate in a mock motor vehicle stop or terry stop. During the mock vehicle stop or terry stop we provide the individual with the opportunity to be recorded. The video footage of the mock police interaction is played back for the attendant; which will be assessed for the individual to learn from and understand. 

Faith and Blue: Faith And Blue is a fusion of police and houses of worship within the city. The objective is to create a meaningful connection with the public and law enforcement. Conversations and open dialogue are used to create a mutual understanding around delicate topics such as policing, justice and community relations. Officers, faith leaders and congregations participate in sermons, meetings and events/activities to enhance a growing relationship that builds safer neighborhoods. Events include vigils of remembrance and reflection and interview panels with police administration and faith leaders.  

Food Drives: Community Affairs assists the schools, houses of worship, and several organizations with food and aid distribution. This program is designated to help the residents in need throughout the city of Elizabeth. 

Police Athletic League: The Police Athletic League (PAL) creates a strong relationship between the police and youth through sports and activities. The program’s goal is to deter juvenile crime by mentoring the city’s young at-risk residents and promoting good relationships with members of law enforcement. Officers use positive reinforcement and greatly influence the youth as they act as coaches and mentors. PAL’s current activities are football, cheerleading, wrestling and lacrosse. In the future, the PAL will offer a youth mentoring program, a summer camp program throughout all six (6) wards and confidence building trips at a northern NJ location.