Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers, civilian parking violation officers and civilian school traffic guards. 

Sworn Officers enforce motor vehicle laws via roving patrol and violation specific details, i.e. seat belt compliance, speed enforcement, pedestrian right of way. Officers assigned to the Traffic Unit are trained motorcycle riders and provide escorts for parades, funerals, bike tours and motorcades.  

 The Traffic Unit also has several detectives assigned to investigate hit and run accidents and accidents involving serious personal injury.

 Supervisory personnel in the Traffic Unit are responsible for traffic work zone safety, ADA compliance for reserved handicap parking spaces, approval of new construction site lines and parking space allotment, assignment of school traffic guards and management of the Police Department fleet.

 Parking Violation Officers are responsible for citing vehicles parked in violation of the city’s street cleaning program. They are a necessary component to ensure the city maintains its cleanliness.

School Traffic Guards are positioned at designated locations that create a safe pathway for our school aged children, on their way to and from school. The guards who are hired are all City of Elizabeth residents and provide a comfortable environment for our children.