COVID-19 Corona Virus Information

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Symptoms - Síntomas:

  • Shortness of Breath (Falta de aliento)
  • Coughing (Tos)
  • Fever (Fiebre)

Call your doctor ONLY: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing.
(Llame a su doctor SOLAMENTE: Si cree que ha estado expuesto al COVID-19 y desarrolla fiebre y síntomas, como tos o dificultad para respirar.)

If you are exhibiting symptoms, please call your primary care physician first before going anywhere and follow the physician’s advice.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms, there is an online self-assessment tool, developed by the State of New Jersey, that will help you determine whether or not you should be tested. You can access that HERE

An Update from Mayor Bollwage on COVID-19 - March 26, 2020: 

Governor Phil Murphy announced today that Washington has issued a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of New Jersey. This will provide federal assistance to supplement statewide recovery efforts affected by COVID-19.

Gov. Murphy also signed an executive order requiring childcare centers to close by April 1st unless they are solely serving children of essential workers.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Board today approved a suite of new programs designed to support businesses and workers facing economic hardship due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Visit for more information.

The Library offers a number of free-based resources that continue to be available.
Elizabeth residents who do not currently have a card, please email for information on accessing these online resources.

As of today, The State of New Jersey is up to 6,876 positive cases. As of today, Elizabeth has 34 new cases, bringing our total to 98, with hundreds more being tested.

Please continue to stay home and practice social distancing - if you have to leave your house for any essential reason.

I will continue to update you as new information comes in.


Un mensaje del alcalde Bollwage

El gobernador Phil Murphy anunció hoy que Washington ha emitido una declaración de desastre mayor para el estado de Nueva Jersey. Esto proporcionará asistencia federal para suplemental los esfuerzos de recuperación en todo el estado afectados por COVID-19.

El gobernador Murphy también firmó una orden ejecutiva que requiere que los centros de cuidado infantil cierren antes del 1 de abril, a menos que solo atiendan a hijos de trabajadores esenciales.

La Junta de la Autoridad de Desarrollo Económico de Nueva Jersey (NJEDA) aprobó hoy un conjunto de nuevos programas diseñados para apoyar a las empresas y los trabajadores que enfrentan dificultades económicas debido al brote de COVID-19. Visite para más información.

La Biblioteca ofrece una serie de recursos gratuitos que continúan disponibles.
Los residentes de Elizabeth que actualmente no tienen una tarjeta, envíe un correo electrónico a para obtener información sobre cómo acceder a estos recursos en línea.

A partir de hoy, el estado de Nueva Jersey tiene hasta 6876 casos positivos. A partir de hoy, Elizabeth tiene 34 casos nuevos, lo que lleva nuestro total a 98, con cientos más en prueba.

Continúe quedando en casa y practique el distanciamiento social, si tiene que salir de su casa por alguna razón esencial.

Continuaré actualizándolo a medida que llegue nueva información.


24-Hour Public Hotlines



People looking for emotional support can call the warm line 1-877-294-HELP (4357)

Líneas directas públicas las 24 horas



Las personas que buscan apoyo emocional pueden llamar a la línea de atención 1-877-294-HELP (4357)

A Message from Mayor Bollwage Friday, March 20th, 2020
A Message from Mayor Bollwage Thursday, March 19th, 2020
A Message from Mayor Bollwage Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

A message from Mayor Bollwage Tuesday, March 17th, 2020


Street cleaning is still in effect. Now more than ever, we must keep our streets clean. If we stop alternate side of the street parking, our streets will become filthy. To combat the parking issue, we are working with the Elizabeth Board of Education who will open the school parking lots for use. If you live near a school, please park in a school parking on street cleaning days. If you cannot move your car and need assistance, please call Public Information at 908-820-4025.

The State is offering guidance to all businesses being impacted by COVID-19. Please refer to the following link:

Treasury and IRS to delay tax payment deadline by 90 days. Visit this site for more information: 


If you are in need of a home delivered meal and reside in Union County, you may be eligible ONLY if you meet ALL of the following criteria:
• 60 years or older
• Live alone
• Unable to shop or prepare a meal for yourself
Please call Meals on Wheels at 908-486-5100. You must provide your name, address, phone number and date of birth in order to process your request.

Snap Food Stamps, Cash Assistance and Work Requirements

To apply for SNAP food assistance, or cash assistance under the Work First New Jersey program, Union County residents may do so online at An office visit is not required, as the Union County Division of Social Services will have staff is available to conduct interviews by phone.

Work First New Jersey cash assistance clients who are due for their case to be reviewed in March or April will receive a 60-day extension. The extension is automatic and does not require an office visit.

SNAP food assistance or Work First New Jersey cash assistance clients are excused from their work activity requirement without penalty. This includes people who are applying for Work First New Jersey General Assistance and who are in a work activity for 28 days while their application is being reviewed. Please note that voluntary participation in a work activity is allowed, if the activity is conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Clients are encouraged to mail or fax any needed paperwork to the Division of Social Services offices. For those dropping off papers by hand, use the drop boxes located in the front lobbies of the Social Services offices at 342 Westminster Avenue in Elizabeth or 200 West Second Street in Plainfield.

To slow the spread of #COVID19, the Governor is ordering:

  • Gatherings of 50+ are banned
  • All bars and restaurants are closed for eat-in services. After 8:00 PM, these establishments may open for takeout and delivery services ONLY, until further notice.
  • All non-essential and non-emergency travel in New Jersey is strongly discouraged between the hours of 8:00 PM AND 5:00 AM. This will remain in effect until further notice. We want everyone to be home – and not out.
  • Essential businesses which are necessary for the public’s health, safety, and welfare – like supermarkets and grocery stores, pharmacies, medical offices, and gas stations – may remain open past 8:00 PM.
  • All movie theaters, gyms, casinos, and racetracks will close entirely until it is deemed safe for their reopening. Online gaming will continue.
  • All other non-essential retail, recreational, and entertainment businesses MUST CLOSE after 8:00 PM. During daytime hours, these businesses may remain open if they limit their occupancy to no more than 50 persons and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • ALL indoor malls are to be closed until further notice.

Due to an increased number of calls, the State Department of Health has opened a second number for COVID-19 general questions. The number is 1-800-962-1253. In addition, people looking for emotional support can call 1-877-294-4357.

If your job has been directly impacted by COVID-19, help is available. We have some of the nation’s strongest and best guaranteed paid sick leave and paid family leave laws for situations like this.

For more information, click HERE

Si su trabajo ha sido directamente afectado por COVID-19, hay ayuda disponible. Tenemos algunas de las leyes de pago por enfermedad y familiar más fuertes del pais para estar preparados en situaciones como esta.

Para más información, HERE