How to Obtain Copies of Vital Records

Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Union & Domestic Partnership

Non-Genealogical Records (current events) are:

  • All domestic partnerships and civil unions
  • Births occurring within the last 80 years
  • Deaths occurring within the last 40 years
  • Marriages occurring within the last 50 years

Required Materials

Your application will be returned if you do not send in all required documentation. For all orders, the following must be sent with your application:

  • All required copies of ID for proof of identity
  • Copies of documents proving your relationship to the person named on the record if obtaining a Certified Copy
  • The correct fees
  • If you have changed your name and are no longer going by your Maiden name, you must present your Marriage Certificate as proof of identity
  1. First Step
  2. Second Step
  3. Third Step
  4. Fourth Step
  5. Fifth Step

Step 1: Identify the Non-Genealogical Record

You must be able to fully identify the record by providing all of the information listed on the application form. Your request cannot be accepted unless you provide the following information:

  • City where the event occurred
  • Exact date of the event (month, day and year)
  • Father’s name (if recorded on the record)
  • For Marriage, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership - Instead of parents’ names, you must provide the name of the spouse/partner.
  • Full name on the record
  • Mother’s maiden name