Elderly & Grandparent Scams

Elderly Scam

Unfortunately, with the internet, a whole slew of information is available to people that spend a little time looking. The latest scam is that elderly people are being called to tell them their grandchildren have been arrested and needs bail money. The caller has their grandchild's name and sounds convincing. They even provide a second phone number for a bail bond person that can assist.

They then convince the elderly person to send money through the mail. Please tell your elders to never send any cash through the mail. Not for any reason ever send cash through the mail. As convincing as it sounds this is a scam.

Never ever send cash through the mail for anything. Your grandchildren are not in trouble and they don't need money. Please let all your elderly family know about these scams.

Grandparent Scam

To learn more about the Grandparents Scam, view the Grandparent Scam (PDF).