Driving Tips

Distracted Driving

Don't get a ticket! Cops across the state (including us) are targeting hand-held devices. Get earbuds, pull over to set your GPS, put the phone on speaker... If it's in your hands, you can get a ticket. If it's not in your hands, you can't get in trouble. Tell your friends.

Four-Way Stops

How does a four-way (or all-ways) stop intersection work?

Follow these four rules:

  1. First come - first served: The right of way goes in the order you arrived at the intersection.
  2. Tie goes to the person on the right. The person to the left yields.
  3. Tie goes to the person going straight. If you're facing one another, the person turning yields to the person going straight.
  4. Tie goes to the person turning right. If you're both turning, the person turning left yields to the person turning right.

What if all four get there at the same exact time? When the first person moves, the other three simply follow those rules. Learn more about four-way stops by visiting the Top Driver website.

School Busses

Please don't pass a school bus with red lights flashing! Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but it's also a 5-point ticket with a mandatory court appearance. Also, these buses have cameras nowadays.

What about those yellow lights? Sometimes they sit for a minute or two with just this things on. Those are a warning that red lights are coming soon. You can still pass but do so with care.

If the red lights and stop sign come on while you're passing, just stop right where you are, and you'll be good. Let's get these kids to school safely.

Vehicle Registration

Have you checked your vehicle's registration lately? If you're anything like me, you get the renewal card 4 months early and then lose it. Here's the bad news: many police cars are now using an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system.

As the cop drives down the street, the camera reads your plate and alerts the cop about the registration violation. If your car is parked, it may be towed as a result. Best bet: check your registration today and set a reminder for renewal.

Insurance Card

When you go out to check your vehicle's registration, don't forget to look at your insurance card. It's a good idea to throw out any old ones and just keep the current one. Don't have a current card? Don't panic (that's why your checking, remember?).

Hang on to your most recent card which will have your policy number (it usually doesn't change when you renew it). On the back is a customer service number. Call and request a new copy of the current card. Also, you may now show a digital insurance card to an officer on your smartphone if you have access to it.

The fine for failure to show an insurance card is $129, so it's worth checking. Whatever you do, don't drive without insurance. If convicted, you may receive a $1,000 fine and a potential 6-month license suspension (ouch!).