About the Office on Youth

  1. Steven Evangelista
  2. Natasha Eanes
  3. Jawanza Fenelus
  4. Donald Johnson
  5. Eric Munoz
  6. Shante Randle

EducationSteven Evangelista

Steven Evangelista was born in Newark, New Jersey. His family later moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey, before he began attending school. Since a young age, Steven had an admiration for the game of basketball, and through this passion, he went on to attend St. Patrick’s High School. As a freshman, Steven tried out for and made the St. Patrick Celtics’ basketball team as a walk-on. While playing for the team, Steven began to understand the true meaning of hard work and determination. Steven later transferred to Elizabeth High School, where he graduated from in 2007. 

Becoming a Coach

After a triumphant victory of neuroblastoma, which almost claimed his life, Steven was inspired to dedicate his life to serving others. It was then that he began coaching the Hispanic Heritage Initiative Boy Scouts soccer team, whom became undefeated finalists. Soon after, Steven was granted the opportunity to work for the Office of Youth Services (OYS) as a Youth Counselor for the SO.A.R program. 

Coordinator of Athletics

He excelled in working with middle school youth, and was then promoted to be Assistant Coordinator of the corresponding high school program, Building Future Leaders. After seven years of experience working with OYS, Steven has exemplified stellar performance in his preceding roles as Youth Counselor and Assistant Coordinator, and is now Coordinator of the Office of Youth’s first, athletic-based academic program for the youth. Steven continues to dedicate himself to growth by furthering his college career and hopes to always inspire the youth to follow in his footsteps of success.