Flag Raisings

The City’s ethnic diversity is reflected in its special ethnic days, festivals and parades. 

Flag Raisings

Various flag raisings are celebrated by the Mayor’s Office for the following:

  • Puerto Ricans286585266_329922405978414_14498445755927870_n
  • Portuguese 
  • Haitians
  • Cubans
  • Mexicans  
  • Colombians
  • Peruvians
  • Dominicans

How to Host a Flag Raising:

 -Write a formal letter to Mayor Bollwage

-Be sure to include time & date

- MUST be an official organization


Portugal Day, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Julyfest are some examples for parades during the summer months. 

Bike Tour

Every year, the City introduces the Tour De Elizabeth, an annual bike tour of the entire City that occurs the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Visit the Tour De Elizabeth Sign Up page for more information.