Training Division

The mission of the Training Division is to lead and inspire the education and development of the Elizabeth Police Department. The mission is accomplished through training and research.

The Division:

  • Administers in-service training on a variety of subjects
  • Develops, delivers, and promotes specialized training
  • Manages all departmental training, equipment, and related documentation
  • Provides agency support functions
  • Researches, procures, distributes, and documents essential police equipment such as:
    • Ballistic vests
    • Firearms
    • Helmets
    • Related equipment
  • Trains Elizabeth Police Officers in State of New Jersey mandated courses

Ancillary Duties

The Training Division also has the ancillary duties of:

  • Administering the agency's body-worn camera program
  • Creation of emergency operations plans for the city's critical infrastructure
  • Facilitating the agency's accreditation process
  • Maintaining responder Right to Know Information

As part of the critical infrastructure protection duty, the Division provides all hazards response training to both the public and private sector officials involved in each individual area. The plans known as Life Hazard Standard Operating Procedures are reviewed with supervisory personnel and are made readily available for field use.


The Training Division structure consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and two detectives. It is the primary goal of the Training Division staff to achieve the agency objectives of public assistance, officer education, training, and safety, with integrity and above standard performance.