Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division is comprised of the Juvenile Detective Bureau and the Domestic Violence Unit. The Juvenile Detective Bureau works to ensure that the rights of juveniles are protected while balancing community safety and the development of our youth. In handling a juvenile, Juvenile Detective Bureau members try to temper firmness with friendliness and offer evidence and council. In essence, it may be said that the Bureau's approach to the problem of delinquency is a socio-police approach, employing the principals of psychology with the authority normally associated with the Police Officer.

The Juvenile Bureau will continue to support and encourage new approaches to the prevention and correction of delinquency. As such, by utilizing the Juvenile Justice System, as well as many other resources the Juvenile Bureau has developed, we will continue to strive and provide today's youth with the necessary skills needed to become productive members of society.

Youth Activities

Working with the City of Elizabeth Recreation Department, we utilized two locations that housed our counselors and offered our youth extensive evening activities. The locations were the Erxleben Center in the Bayway area of Elizabeth, and the Arabella Miller Center on First Street. Once a juvenile was transported to one of the locations he/she had the opportunity to speak with a counselor. 

The Domestic Violence Unit continues to utilize, and work in cooperation with, the Union County YWCA Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team.  The Crisis Response Team is made up of volunteers throughout Union County who have received special training in family violence. The volunteers respond directly to the Elizabeth Police Department to assist victims of domestic violence.  The role is to provide support for the victim while the victim is at the police department as well as to provide the victim with information on resources available to them in the community.