Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division is charged by the Police Chief with the institutional accountability, implementation, and maintenance of the rules and regulations of the department. Internal Affairs operates as the investigative arm of the Chief of Police. As part of its duties, the unit will identify and report employee behavior that is a discredit to the department. The goal of Internal Affairs is to protect the integrity of the department by ensuring compliance with the highest ethical standards, performance criteria and commitment to public service.

Internal Affairs thoroughly and impartially investigates all allegations of improper conduct by any officers. Internal Affairs also compiles information that assists in identifying trends, patterns and other improprieties by the department's employees. All completed Internal Affairs investigations are reviewed by the Chief or his designee. At that time, any discipline arising from a sustained complaint is strictly the responsibility of the Chief and/or the Police Director; internal Affairs is never a part of the disciplinary process.


The police department accepts all complaints against any member of the department with only one exception; motor vehicle summonses. A complaint of that nature will not be accepted that is solely based upon the circumstances surrounding the validity of the summons itself. A complaint of that nature is left up to the Municipal Court to decide.

Complaints are accepted twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, by either an Internal Affairs officer, a police supervisor or if necessary any available police officer. Complaints are accepted in person, on the telephone, by mail and now also via the Internet directly to Internal Affairs. Juveniles may file a complaint, as well someone that wants to remain anonymous and interested third parties.

Complaint Process

When the department receives a complaint, a Complaint Against Personnel (CAP) form, the form is filed and forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit. Internal Affairs will assign the CAP a central complaint number. Once assigned a number, minor complaints involving demeanor or minor rule infractions may be forwarded to the captain in charge of the officer. However, even minor complaints, if repeated by the same officer, are subject to investigation by Internal Affairs at any time.

All complaints of a serious nature, or complaints that involve multiple officers within different divisions, are handled by Internal Affairs. At the conclusion of all investigations, the Chief or his designee will review the report and make any necessary recommendations. After that, the complainant and the officer(s) involved are informed as to the outcome. However, if a complaint is sustained, the complainant is never told what discipline is imposed, only that the officer received discipline.