Contact: Kelly Vence
Public Information Office
ELIZABETH, NJ—September 4, 2014— Mayor J. Christian Bollwage has announced the launch of a MobileNOW! pay-by-phone parking feature, in coordination with the Parking Authority of the City of Elizabeth.  MobileNOW! will be available for use at over four hundred meters within the municipality.
“This new, easy-to-use application is a convenient way for our residents and guests to pay for the parking meters along our City streets and be alerted when their time is running out,” said Mayor J. Christian Bollwage. “Whether they are in a restaurant or shopping in one of our busy business districts, they no longer have to worry about leaving to extend their parking session; they can do so right from their phones.”
The pilot stage of the new initiative was launched on February 14, 2014 in meters on Morris Avenue. Due to its success, the Parking Authority will be expanding the existing program by adding four hundred new meters within the next phase. MobileNOW! will soon be available on the following streets: Winfield Scott Plaza; Broad Street; Burnett Street; Commerce Place; Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard; Dickinson Street; East Jersey Street; Elizabeth Avenue (between Broad and Bridge Streets); Jefferson Avenue (between Dickinson and Elizabeth Avenue); Westfield Avenue; Lot 4 on Morris Avenue; Lot 9 on Elizabeth Avenue; Lot 10 on Morris Avenue and Lot 18 on Union Street.
"The Parking Authority is committed to increasing options and improving services for drivers within our community," said Carla A. Mazza, Executive Director of the Parking Authority of the City of Elizabeth.  "The MobileNOW! app and Park by Phone feature enables us to more effectively utilize available technology in order to connect with users and enhance the parking experience within our City." 
Currently cash and credit cards are accepted at the existing multi-space meter boxes but not at single space meters.  However, MobileNOW! users will be able to create or extend transactions at included single space meters by calling the Park by Phone number or  using the MobileNOW! mobile app, which is backed by a credit card. The Park by App system will require users to prepay their accounts and the amount will be deducted with each parking session. Residents and visitors can pay by cell phone whenever they see the MobileNOW! signs in a parking lot or on parking meters. 
This new application can be downloaded on any Android, Blackberry or iPhone through their respective app stores and utilized whenever there is a need to pay for parking. Although the app is free to download, there is a service fee of thirty-nine cents that is charged for each parking space that the MobileNOW! app is used to make a payment. Once the app is downloaded, individuals can scan the square QR code on the sign to begin the process. Users may also start and stop their parking sessions from their phone or update their payment information and personal account details as needed. Individuals, who are not using smartphones or do not want to download the app, can also call the Park by Phone system at 908-787-8708. Once connected, they will be asked to enter their parking space number and follow directions for parking duration as well as payment options.  
MobileNOW! is a world pioneer and leading provider of mobile phone and other cashless payment methods for the parking industry. In addition to enabling virtual payment and collection options, the MobileNOW! platform offers full enforcement, management and reporting capabilities.
For more information, please visit or contact the Elizabeth Parking Authority at 908-353-0949 or call Krista Tassa from MobileNOW! at 917-744-2765.