Contact: Kelly Vence


Public Information Office



ELIZABETH, NJ FEBRUARY 17, 2012--  Mayor J. Christian Bollwage announced that the Elizabeth Fire Department (EFD) has been approved to receive a $64,000 grant through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Elizabeth Fire Department will utilize the grant funds to purchase an oxygen generator and filling station with new medical oxygen cylinders and storage racks. Equipment will consist of a medical-grade, oxygen producing generator; a four cylinder refilling station; two cylinder fragmentation box; new safety code compliant oxygen cylinders; and approved storage racks for the cylinders.

“The City of Elizabeth is proud to receive this grant, which will increase efficiency, safety and operations,” said Mayor J. Christian Bollwage. “This funding will provide the ability to immediately refill oxygen cylinders within one of our local firehouses, saving valuable response time and increasing services to residents.”

EFD provides fire protection and emergency medical services within New Jersey’s fourth largest municipality and responds to more than 20,000 emergency calls per year. The City of Elizabeth utilizes several 3000 psi oxygen cylinders; however the capability does not currently exist within the Department to re-fill these cylinders at the required psi capacity. This award will meet this existing need as well as greatly enhance overall mutual aid and support.

The EFD is a regional partner as well as an integral component in providing specialized and skilled personnel for assistance in situations such as trench and high angle rescues. In addition to this interoperability and regional concept, the EFD provides training for other fire departments in these specific areas, thus increasing the number of specially trained personnel throughout Union County and the entire region. 

As an emerging and ever-expanding municipality with a population of nearly 125,000, improving public safety services remains a priority. An onsite oxygen generator and filling station is essential to protecting the health, safety and well being of Elizabeth’s firefighters and residents.

“Incorporating this equipment increases the vital resources available to our first responders as well as the effectiveness of the entire Department throughout our community,” said Councilman-At-Large Frank Cuesta.